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OKR Examples

1. Profit.co has come up with OKRs for Indian Premier League (IPL), a T20 cricket tournament. Learn more about how OKRs pave the way to win the IPL trophy from this article, 10 Great Sports (IPL) OKR examples.

Employee Engagement

1. Organizations have evolved and adapted to hybrid work models due to Covid19. Learn more on how to create an inclusive hybrid workplace for your organization in this article from Profit.co 5 Tips to Build an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace

2. Employee Onboarding is a fundamental process in making employees feel included in an organization. Learn more on how to create an effective onboarding process in this article from Profit.co, 5 Steps to a Successful Employee Onboarding Process

KPIs Library

1. Learn about Gross Retention Rate and its importance in the blog: What is Gross Retention Rate and Five Tips to Increase It.

2. Social Media KPIs help you to measure the effectiveness of your social media channels. Profit.co provides 10 Most Important Social Media KPIs you must track to enrich your Social Media progression.

Task Management

1. Lean Management technique saves productivity time by extirpating the unnecessary tasks and steps followed during the production process. To make Product management a smooth sail, profit.co provides you with a blog on What is Lean Management? The Principles and Benefits of Lean Management