Power Productivity with New Features in Profit.co:


  • Access OKR Program Status Directly from the OKR Page: Profit.co enables users to access OKR ownership, reports, key results, task management, fulfillment tracking, check-ins, history, and OKR Program Status. The OKR Program Status is now accessible directly from the OKR page.
  • PPT Improvement: You can download your OKR progress presentation with a choice of Template 1, Template 2, or Template 3. This customization enhances visual appeal and ensures alignment with your branding.
  • “On Time” for “Not Applicable” KRs: Consider creating a KR today with a frequency set for every Friday. When performing check-ins for past dates, they were considered late check-ins, but now they will be considered on-time check-ins, representing an improvement in the process.
  • Parent-level CI got overridden upon creating sub KRs: When creating the first sub key result in your parent KR, a confirmation pop-up will prompt you to choose between “Skip & Create” to enable sync and roll-up progress, or “Disable Sync & Create” to save without progress roll-up.

Performance Management:

  • Potential Rating in the competency/performance dashboard: In Profit.co, Potential Ratings are utilized as performance metrics to assess the probability of employees excelling in more advanced positions. These ratings are instrumental in identifying prospective leaders and formulating developmental strategies for career progression.
  • Additionally, the Potential Rating assigned during a review can be conveniently accessed in the Competency/Performance Dashboard feature.
  • Check-In Comments in Review: You can monitor your check-in progress as you conduct the performance review, enabling real-time assessment and alignment between goal execution and performance evaluation, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Establishing Competencies through Review Templates: Enabling this toggle allows you to tailor competencies for specific review templates according to your preferences. This feature enhances flexibility and relevance in performance assessments, optimizing alignment with organizational goals.
  • Reopening Development Plans: Profit.co offers the option to reopen development plans, providing opportunities for continuous refinement and adjustment to meet evolving needs, thus fostering ongoing growth and improvement.
  • Export History in Goals: Profit.co provides an option to view your past export history, and you can also monitor your export progress, enhancing transparency and efficiency in data management processes.


  • Meetings: When scheduling a meeting, you can check the user’s availability, and if they have any other meetings, it will show as busy at that time.
  • Doc Editor: Profit.co provides an option for the users to customize their meeting topics. Allowing users to customize meeting topics ensures that discussions are tailored to their specific needs and objectives, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of each session. Tailoring meeting topics enables organizations to align discussions with strategic goals, ensuring that each session contributes directly to overarching objectives and outcomes.

User Management:

  • Free trial restriction: When a user’s trial period concludes, they will be sent a message directing them to contact our support team or schedule a call with our sales team to switch to a different plan.
  • Improvements in the Date-picker: Enhancements have been made in the date-picker in Profit.co, improving usability and functionality.
  • Customize Email template configuration: Customize email template configuration in Profit.co allows users to tailor templates such as Welcome Email, Existing User, Reset Password, and Two Factor Authentication, ensuring personalized communication and enhancing user engagement and brand consistency.


  • Notion: Notion is a freemium productivity and note-taking web application developed by Notion Labs Inc. It offers organizational tools including task management, project tracking, to-do lists, and bookmarking. Now you can integrate your Profit.co account with Notion and help the team, organize, manage work effectively, and create key results to track performance instantly.
  • Elasticsearch: Elasticsearch allows you to store, search, and analyze huge volumes of data quickly and in near real-time and give back answers in milliseconds. Integrate Elasticsearch fields using query in Profit.co key result and automate the progress.

UI Enhancements:

  • Cockpit Alignment Enhancements: You can effortlessly view the number of key results aligned with the corporate strategy, both from a top-down and bottom-up approach.
  • Parent Level KR Configuration in Execute > Check-in Discipline in Cockpit: The Check-in discipline by next-level department feature offers a visual breakdown of Missed, Late, and On-Time check-ins across all departments, starting with parent departments. You can easily track sub-departments by selecting the parent department in the filter.
  • Utilizing the ‘Present’ Feature on the OKR Page: OKR Present in Profit.co streamlines objective and key result visibility, providing a structured, visual presentation of progress and performance. Now it is accessible on My OKR, My Department, and All OKRs pages.
  • Sequential organization of competencies on the review page: The arrangement of competencies in the settings will mirror the order of competencies on the review page.
  • Sort options on the performance review page: Sorting and filtering in the manager assessment performance review page facilitates efficient data analysis, enabling users to access and view data more conveniently by arranging it in a meaningful order.
  • Enhancements in past reviews: In the Past Review section, customers can now view both the self’s overall rating and the manager’s overall rating, providing a complete performance perspective.
  • Cockpit | In all drill-downs shows the objective/key result view page: The Cockpit feature now displays the objective and key result views page. This enhances user navigation and provides quick access to crucial insights, promoting better decision-making and goal alignment.
  • Export option in the chart level “Key Results per Objective”: The export option is available in the “Key Results per Objective” chart, allowing users to extract data conveniently. This feature enhances data analysis, facilitates reporting, and supports informed decision-making.
  • OKRs Progress Chart with Merged Objectives and KRs: On the employees’ OKRs progress chart, Objectives and Key Results (KRs) are merged and displayed along with their status. This consolidated view streamlines tracking and provides comprehensive insights into individual and team progress.
  • Enable My Org Reviews: Access all your employees’ reviews conveniently from one place, facilitating comprehensive performance evaluation and enabling effective management of individual progress and development. This centralized view enhances efficiency and transparency in performance assessment processes.
  • Attributes on Development plans configuration: Profit.co offers the ability to customize all attributes in the master layout, ensuring full support for configuring development plans with tailored settings.
  • OKR indicators improvements: Enhancements have been made to OKR indicators.
  • Attachment Upload Progress: Profit.co now includes an attachment upload progress feature for added attachments. This enhancement offers real-time tracking, ensuring users are informed and engaged throughout the upload process.

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