Candidates interviewed per hire

| Category: HR.

The discussion regarding the most important metrics in human resources is open to debate. However, most people agree on the fact that the candidates interviewed per hire metric could offer reliable indicators concerning the recruiting and the interviewing process. Categorically, it is just as critical to interpret the results provided by the calculations accordingly. Your… Read more

Cost per Hire

| Category: Financial.

Judging by the name of this metric, Cost per Hire refers to the amount of money your company spends in order to hire a person. On its own, this metric offers insight only on how much you spend per individual hired – but when paired with the Recruiting Budget metric, you can determine how much… Read more

Cycle time to process payroll

| Category: HR.

While most organizations tend to overlook and underrate HR metrics, their efficiency in assessing the policies, employees and other important aspects is undeniable. Assessment and implementation have to be measurable in order for you and your team to be efficient – and in order for your company to be optimized. Because it is an important… Read more

Cycle time to resolve payroll errors

| Category: HR.

HR metrics are generally overlooked by most organizations but underrating them might not be the best idea – particularly if you’re an entrepreneur who desires to keep his business well-managed and optimized. Their efficiency in assessing the employees, the policies and the tasks is undeniable. Therefore, as an important part of the area of management,… Read more

Diversity numbers/Nationalities in the work force

| Category: HR.

When you own a company, you know that the employees are going to be different from each other. They are not only of different genders, but they can also have different nationalities and ethnicities, and this helps cultivate diversity and teach acceptance. You probably know every employee of the company to an extent, but it’s… Read more

Diversity Rate

| Category: HR.

The Diversity Rate metric is important for a company because of several reasons. Probably the most important one is the fact that the said company’s brand will be acknowledged by the media and by more people that belong to diverse cultures and ethnicities. In terms of diversity, the topic has been discussed many times, especially… Read more

Effectiveness of training

| Category: HR.

Many times, we’ve seen companies that don’t cover all the things their new employees should know in their training sessions/ periods. Such a thing will eventually render some employees useless when faced with various problems – naturally, this is NOT the employees’ fault. All the companies out there should know how to make their training… Read more

Employee productivity rate

| Category: HR.

There’s a rule of thumb that applies to all companies in the world: the employees are divided into productive and procrastinators. When those procrastinators do their job in spite of their “condition”, to put it like this, all is well, but when they are hurting your ROI, you need to do something about it. Calculating… Read more

Employee satisfaction index

| Category: HR.

It should come as no surprise that if they are unhappy, employees will leave the company that they work for. A couple of years ago, I was working for a firm of web design and I was miserable. The worst part is that we were all miserable: we were overworked on a daily basis and… Read more

First year voluntary termination rate

| Category: HR.

The First Year Voluntary Termination Rate is yet another Human Resources metric – of course, it’s also one that’s very important to a company, as it shows the percentage of people that chose to leave your company after working there for only one year. As this metric’s name implies, the termination of the contract is… Read more