Health care expense per current employee

| Category: HR.

It goes without saying that most employers try to offer their employees the best healthcare plans. However, health care plans are becoming more and more expensive, which translates as trouble for employers, particularly the small to medium ones. An HR metric that isn’t used as often as it should is the Health Care Expense per… Read more

Hiring process satisfaction rate

| Category: HR.

As CEO or part of the management’s team of a certain company, you will rarely look into how the hiring process is being done – after all, you mostly want your job openings to be filled in and that people start working. On the other hand, you will definitely be interested in how the employee… Read more

Involuntary termination rate

| Category: HR.

The termination rate of a company is the percentage of people that decide (or are forced) to leave the company for various reasons. The voluntary rate involves the people that decided of their own free will that they want to leave the business. An involuntary termination, on the other hand, happens on other grounds –… Read more

Knowledge achieved with training

| Category: Financial.

Each entrepreneur is concerned about the prosperity of the business. And a business’ prosperity is naturally linked with the productivity and preparation level of its employees. This is why it makes sense, in the competitive age in which we live, to invest in training programs. When these training programs are organized and prepared accordingly, it… Read more

Net promotor score

| Category: HR.

You’ve probably heard a lot of people complain about their workplace. They talk about how bad it is, and how they will never recommend anyone to work there. There are moments when employees are overworked, and they feel like the employer only adds to the struggle. If you are owning a company, how do you… Read more

New hire 90-day failure rate

| Category: HR.

The New Hire 90-Day Failure Rate is a Human Resources metric that’s used by businesses and companies in order to determine the percentage of new employees that leave the company in a set time period – in this case, in 90 days. When it comes to this metric, companies check the percentage of employees that… Read more

Number of Contractors

| Category: HR.

As a company, you probably have your own employees that you can rely on a daily basis. They are your pillars that will help your company grow. However, like any house needs pillars, it also needs windows, doors, and bricks – and you could say that contractors serve that purpose. What are Contractors? Contractors are,… Read more

Number of D&I initiatives implemented

| Category: HR.

Diversity and inclusion in the workspace represent a sensitive topic that every employer must know of and apply. And not only must the employer apply to these facts but also the employees as well. Some companies have strict policies referring to diversity and inclusion – and others even support causes linked to various social classes,… Read more

Number of employee satisfaction surveys

| Category: HR.

By now you should already be familiar with the Employee Satisfaction Survey, which should be taken once every 6 months. However, it can so happen that the ESSs keep on being handed out but there’s no visible increase in the actual satisfaction of the employees. So, you have a load of surveys on your desk… Read more

Number of full-time employees

| Category: HR.

As the owner of a company, you probably have two types of employees: full-time and part-time. However, since part-time employees are only contributing a small amount of their time, it’s the full-time employees that are your go-to in a particular situation. Granted, in certain situations, a part-time employee might become a part-time one – depending… Read more