Percentage of cost of workforce

| Category: HR.

When it comes to HR metrics, the cost of workforce is the elephant and the room and the reason for that is quite transparent: in more than half of all the companies, assessing and gauging the cost of workforce is something that the Finances department takes care of. In the rest of the cases, this… Read more

Percentage of employees trained in company culture

| Category: Financial.

A company needs to perform well, and if you’re an owner, you know a lot about that. Not only you need to generate sales and keep the company going, but your employees also need to be trained in order to work well. But how can you know if your employees are understanding the company-wide organizational… Read more

Percentage of employees trained

| Category: HR.

There are several situations in which your new employees could require training. For example, after a month of them being on the job, your company might implement a training/ development program meant to provide the employees with certain skill sets and knowledge that would make their job easier and increase their performance. Moreover, your company… Read more

Percentage of job candidates who meet job criteria

| Category: HR.

When candidates apply for a job, they don’t always know everything it includes. Some of them meet the job criteria, while others don’t, and you have to carefully choose the ones who will have the best performance. There is a way to calculate how many candidates have met the job criteria. It’s will give you… Read more

Percentage of vacation days used

| Category: HR.

In order to maintain a healthy life and work properly too, employees need vacations. In order to make that possible, they need to have a certain number of days that allow them some time to relax and recharge their batteries. Therefore, you need to determine the percentage of vacation days that are used compared to… Read more

Percentage of workforce below performance standards

| Category: HR.

As an entrepreneur of a successful company, you want your employees to perform well. Sometimes, the term well is difficult to put in words, and there are situations in which your employees simply do not know what is expected of them. You want their performance standards to go as high as possible – but you… Read more

Performance of new hires

| Category: HR.

Employees, regardless of how long they’ve been employed at your company for, need to have a good performance. It is the only way your company can do well, grow and generate sales. In addition, it’s the way to success. So, in order to make sure the new hires are doing well, you need to measure… Read more

Rate of internal job hires

| Category: HR.

There are so many metrics that it’s hard to keep track of each and every one of them. One of the metrics that is often overlooked is the Internal Hire Rate. However, if more companies used it, it could come in handy, so if you’re not already using it, you should consider. The reason is… Read more

Rate of internal referral hires

| Category: HR.

Employees need to have a certain set of skills, as well as a lot of knowledge in the domain. When hiring new people, you want them to help the company grow as a whole, which is why their skills are so important. So, if you’re a business manager, you want to know the value employees… Read more

Retirement Rate

| Category: HR.

Those who start up their new business do so with a plan: to be successful in their business in the long run. And for you to reach success, you will need to be able to depend on your staff in the long run. This is why it can be very inconvenient when you see that… Read more