How to update OKTA Issuer URL in

Profit. Co allows you to update the OKTA issuer URL, to let you enjoy a complete authorization server at ease.

Step 1

Navigate to your OKTA Admin account.
OKTA get started

Step 2

Now click on ClassicUI → Applications tab from the universal menu bar.
OKTA class

Step 3

In the Applications page click on the Add Applications button.
OKTA Application

Step 4

Using the search box, search for app and add it.
Add Applications OKTA integration

Step 5

After adding app, click on SAML app and select the Assign Application button. Now assign this SAML app to the users. For instance, you can assign this app to yourself and click SAML App(

Step 6

Now click on the Sign On button.

Step 7

In the Sign On page,Scroll down and click on the View Setup instructions button.

Step 8

In the Setup Instructions page, select and copy the Issuer ID.

Step 9

Now login to superuser account and navigate to Settings.

Step 10

Click on Settings → Integrations → SAML SSO from the left panel.

Step 11

In the SAML SSO page,Click on the OKTA Authorize Button.

Step 12

Once you click on the Authorize button,the Register Okta Issuer ID dialog box will popup.

Step 13

Now enter the IssuerID url that you selected and copied from OKTA’s app SignOn page and paste it. Once you paste click on the Register button.
OKTA’s app SignOn

Step 14

Now navigate to OKTA MyApps page and select

Step 15

As soon as you click on app, you will be directed to your account.
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