How to update Onelogin Issuer URL in

You can integrate with your OneLogin account for easy, secure access to your OKRs, task management, performance module, and more.

Step 1

Go to an Onelogin admin account.

Step 2

Click on the Applications Tab.

Step 3

In the Applications Tab ,Click on the AddApp button.

Step 4

Search and add the app for your account.After adding the app then go back to the applications page.

Step 5

Add and Save the app after enabling the app configuration Tabs.

Step 6

In the Configuration page,Click on the SSO tab.

Step 7

Copy the IssuerURL.

Step 8

Go to the superuser account and click on the Settings tab.

Step 9

In the settings page go to the Integrations tab and click on the SAML SSO tab.

Step 10

In the SAML SSO Tab,Click on the ONELOGIN tab.

Step 11

In the ONELOGIN tab,Click On the Authorize button,will show the Issuer ID popup.

Step 12

Enter the IssuerID from getting the ONELOGIN’s app SSO Tab and click the Register button.

Step 13

Then go to the ONELOGIN MyApps page.

Step 14

Click on the application and redirect to your account.