How to access public and private visibility options in Tableau?

Category: OKRs allows you to access and manage the visibility of Tableau via the Public view and Access list. These options help you to restrict users from accessing connections while creating key results by integrating with Tableau.

Note: You need to have multiple connections to manage the visibility of the Tableau connection

In you can establish visibility for Tableau connection in two ways;

  • Public
  • Access

Scenario 1

Keeping the visibility to the Public.

Step 1

After setting up the connection, click on the edit icon on any access to restrict visibility.

Step 2

While creating a Key Result enable the auto-update toggle to connect with Tableau to connect.

Step 3

Now select the Connection Name from the list of connections established and select the field and click Add button to auto-update the progress. 

Scenario 2

Restricting the visibility to the Access list.

Step 1

When your connection is restricted to the Access list view, only the selected user can integrate tableau with key results.

For instance, we have restricted the visibility to the access list and added Simon & Annie alone to the list. This will give them access to establish any connection and restrict other users.

Step 2

While creating a Key Result enable the auto-update toggle to connect with Tableau to connect as explained in the previous step. 

For instance, Let’s say that Helen is trying to establish a connection with the connection name Profit tableau integration to a key result. She will not have access to the particular connection since its visibility is restricted. Only the connections whose visibility is set to Public will be visible to her and she might need to contact the Super User to get access to it.

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