How to add multiple users to Tableau integration ?

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You can now add multiple user connections while integrating your Tableau account with account. With this option, the added connections can be selected by the users to establish tableau integration, to create and assign OKRs to the other users

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Connectors.

Step 2

Note: Only Super users can access Settings and only super users can add users and connect them to tableau.

In the Integrations page, click on the Manage button of Tableau.

Manage button of Tableau

To add users and connect them to Tableau click on the Plus icon.

click Plus icon

Step 3

Fill in the necessary details in the connect to Tableau form.

To learn how to set up Tableau integration using Username & Password, click here.

To learn how to set up Tableau integration using Access Token, click here.

connect to Tableau

Step 4

Here two connections are established.

Two connections are established

Step 5

Once the connection is set up while creating key results the user who has been given the access to view the two connections, i.e Public view, can switch between the established connection and create key results.

Note : Tableau integration is possible only with Increase and decrease KPI.

Tableau Progess

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